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All day wear!!

These are simply the best! You can wear them all day with no adjusting or headaches. My 5 year old daughter loves them too. She likes to wear a high bun but she is very active and literally bounces all day. She can go to school all day long and then go to a two hour gymnastics class and her hair doesn’t move. It just doesn’t get any better than these hair ties!!



The hair ties are very durable, and feel good in my hair. However when cutting them the material comes apart at the ends. I had to cut mine with scissors after making the hair tie with the tool provided. I also find that I cannot make the 4-6 hair ties that the site says you can--this could be a user error.

So, all in all, I'm indifferent and not sure if I will buy again.

Love midnight!

Best color because it goes with everything! Thanks for the quick delivery!

It was great

Birthday hair ties

Such a great gift!!

Love it

Mixed Basic

It's amazing for thick hair!

I have incredibly thick hair and I have been buying huge hair ties my whole life. While I was playing volleyball my hair ties would break or I would pull my hair tie out along with clumps of hair that it broke. The 4-strand TIY is so amazing for me because it keeps my hair in place without much breakage!

Pop Pro

Will not know results till after Christmas as they ars a present for my granddaughter. Ask me then

Midnight Pro

Milk Chocolate Pro

Essential + Pop Basic (8-pack)

Summer Sky Basic

love it !!!!

Emery! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad you love your TIY
Men’s hair

I am a dude and these ties work great with my long hair.

Ryan dude! Love that they work great for you as well! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. =)

Love them

Ann Marie, we are so happy that you love your TIYs! Thank you for taking precious time of your day to leave us a review!

I am in love with these hair ties!

Unicorn Basic (14-pack) Two are on us.

Amazing product! Will order more in the further!

Lauren! Thank you so much! Leave us a note when you come back to order more for some extra spoiledness.
I'm Hooked!

LOVE these! Work so well, as advertised, and the TLC that went into my package made me smile! Will be a repeat customer for sure!

Abby! Every single one of our orders is made with TLC!
Doesn’t slip off!

I have thick hair and I used the hair ties (four circles) while boxing and I did not have to re-adjust it once! It was amazing.

Eunji, thank you so much for taking the time to review our product! We are lucky to make you and your hair happy!
AmaIng customer service

The owner was polite and very helpful from the beginning. She stayed in constant communication and helped me out with all of my questions. The hair TIYs came in fast and look/work amazingly!

Samantha, thank you so much for taking the time to review out product! We are excited that TIY works well for you and you like the look! ;)

Coral Basic


Literally the best hair ties i’ve ever had. They hold my curly and frizzy hair up all day long without me having to redo my ponytail, even when i play volleyball or sleep and at the same time they look amazing