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Good for fine hair too!

Everyone talks about how great these are for people with thick hair, but they’re also great for fine haired folks too! I ordered these to be like my favorite pro runners and LOVE them. They’re the right amount of stretchy! Stiff hair ties don’t work with my fine hair, so I’m always on the lookout for stretchy hair ties. These are just that, and they’re just fun! Also, when my ties got delivered to the wrong address, Andrea was super gracious and sent me another order! Amazing product and above and beyond customer service! Placing another order soon!

Bomb diggity

Love it! It’s stretchy, soft and strong. Everything they promise. I have short hair but very thick, works like a dream for CrossFit. Jumping, running, handstands... my hair isn’t even phased by it anymore. A+ definitely will buy more.

Mixed Basic

Good quality - Works well on heavy long silky hair

Came across this product by accident, well by desire, when my daughter kept complaining about her hair bands slipping off her while she played tennis ev-ery ttiimmmee! She has long, heavy silky hair that requires literally 2-3 hair bands to hold it in a ponytail. Found this product on IG feed. Read the reviews and ordered 2 color packets thinking it was going to be “too good to be true”. Honestly, was floored. We tried it out during a tennis tournament for 3 days and regular hair band on 1 day to compare. And what I say was that my daughter did NOT have to take her hair down during a match to fix it back up using TIY hair bands. Whereas for the regular bands she literally had taken it down twice to fix back up because it was slipping down her hair with 2 double bands mind you. So when I do NOT see her using the TIY bands due to habit, I remind her to make and tie one and put it on, period! Thanks for a quality product that stands firm on its objective.
Side note: I really like the handwritten note added within the order! Definitely made my purchase feel special and that you all appreciate about your customer’s order, especially the 1st “bought on a whim” order. Definitely will be buying more.


Great hold without being too tight

Probably the last hair ties I'll every purchase. I have stopped using all other hair ties (except for my silk scrunchie for bedtime) and just use these. I haven't noticed any breakage in my hair and the best part is that they DON'T GIVE ME MIGRAINES! That's a really big deal.
Definitely worth the cost

Highly recommend!

This is my second order from TIY and I can’t say enough positive things about their product! The ties last forever and keep my hair in place without giving me headaches. Make sure to watch the tutorial videos!

Kim, thank you so much for taking the time girl! and it's awesome that you like them and they work well for you! thank you for sharing the love!

Midnight Pro

I love everything about these hair TIYS. My hair is super thick and I always hate fixing my hair in the middle of my workout and now that I have TIY I don’t have to at all. I even loved the hand written note I got with it.

Debi, thank you so much for taking the time to review our product! It sparks the joy to empower women through their hair. Thank you for sharing the love.

Essential Basic (4-pack)

Love it. 😉


I have very thick very curly hair and I stretch pony tail holders out like nobodies business. When I found TIY I had to try and now it’s something I’ll always need to have on hand! Thanks Andrea! 💜💜

Most amazing hair accessory EVER!

These are the best hair ties, mini hair ties, headbands, bracelets, and more! I can keep my long thick hair in a bun or high ponytail secure, in place all day without getting a headache, without being too tight and pulling hair, without breaking the hair tie (which I've done a million times, no hyperbole). My hair also doesn't get caught up in the hair ties and has caused minimal to no damage from what I can tell, I pay attention because I'm healthy hair obsessed. I had stopped using hair ties almost all together and use wooden hair sticks and metal hair fork to put my hair up, but had no real options as far as putting my hair in a ponytail, let alone it lasting all day and not causing me a major headache. I will be buying more of these in all the colors for all the girls and long hair people in my life. There are so many ways they can be used. They look good on your wrist, like a bracelet, something that matters to me. They also work well as a method for heatless hair straightening. I can't imagine buying any other hair tie from now on. They seem a bit pricey, but after using them for a bit... I'm ok with that, other hair ties would only last me two or three uses anyway and that adds up.

Great Ties

I ordered these for my niece that has very thick hair and is always looking for a better way to control her hair while playing basketball. She loves them and uses them every time she plays

I love!!

Perfect for thick hair and big buns I definitely recommend

It's good...

It's really good and sturdy. I just wished there were clearer instructions. I didn't wind it completely correct but it works. I will eventually buy another.

Midnight Basic

Teal Pro
I'm sold!

As someone who has SUPER thick hair, and goes through hair ties on an almost weekly basis, I didn't think it was worth the hype. Well I was wrong. I LOVE my TIY. I put my hair in a ponytail ONCE and never have to readjust, even during the most intense workouts! If you're thinking about getting one, do it!!!

Tiy hair ties

I have thick and hair down pass my waist and I love these hair ties. I have been giving them out because they are the best hair ties that I have found. They stay in place meaning I don't have to readjust my hair all day, and they rarely pull my hair out. Best item I have spent this year!!!


We are happy you like them!
Pop Basic

I can only recommend these hair ties. They keep my hair in place all day and the colours are just beautiful. I wore them to the club once and we danced all night and when I came home my hair was still in place. I'm so obsessed!

Claire! We love going out with the Pony, with the right outfit the pony to rock the dancefloor!!! Thank you for rocking TIY!

I have been using the 3 loop tiy for a while now and I love it!!! I have noticed even after I have had it in a long time my head doesn’t hurt and I don’t get that nasty hair tie bump! I’ve been recommending this brand to so many people lately! Thank you! ❤️❤️

Kimberly, Thank you for taking the time to give us a review and to share with the world what TIY has done for YOU! It makes us happy that you are thinking out of the box and that the 3 loops os best for you. <3

Milk Chocolate Basic (4-pack)

Midnight Pro

Love these hair ties!

I’ve found that using the 3 looks is the best for my hair! It holds so well and makes it look so perky! The only complaint is that there is only a short bit left to make one loop out of the pre cut pieces, so it’s not enough to make another hair tie.

The best hair bands I’ve ever used!

I bought my first one a couple months ago and I’m absolutely hooked! My ponytail is bouncy and cute now, and before it was kind of sad. I love that these don’t break, at all! And they don’t damage my hair; my stylist even asked about it! I just placed another order for 5 more colors!!!
I’m very excited to get more of these! I wore mine for an event today, and put it in at 5:30 am.
It’s been in my hair for 17 hours now and hasn’t moved once. I haven’t had to adjust it at all! Thank you so much for these incredible hair ties! I can’t recommend them enough!

Lyndlee, WOOW! the creativity of all our ladies never ceases to impress! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about TIY, really appreciate it. <3